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Quinoa, the “Wonder Grain” of the Incas – Quinoa Seeds Origin, Application & Where to Buy

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Originally from South America; there Quinoa is already consumed for over 6,000 years. For the Incas, the yellowish “pseudo-grain” was regarded as the staple food par excellence. The small, rice-like seeds are from the so-called Chenopodium Quinoa, known as Andean Millet, Inca grain, Inca rice or rice spinach. Since the consistency of the grain reminds of rice or similar cereals, it was used as a substitute all along.

Quinoa is regarded much healthier than rice, pasta or other grain products because it can be fully described as an ancient natural grain that still today exists in its original form. Order your Quinoa here: Quinoa Seeds Store.

While rice, wheat, oats or Dinkel was cultured and cultivated over the years, Quinoa remained in its original state. Gradually it is finding its way into the European cuisine, where it is particularly highly valued by health-conscious people, vegans and people with allergies. Not without reason, because even independent studies proved that this grain inhibits enormous power.

In addition, to numerous vitamins, it is rich in precious minerals and amino acids. For comparison: Quinoa has twice as much protein as rice and contains a rich spectrum of essential nutrients. Buying Quinoa here: Quinoa Seeds Store.



In this section you will learn:


Further characteristics and benefits of the Quinoa seeds. In the following like to introduce you to our Quinoa guide:

Quinoa – the ideal acid-alkali balance

Acidic food creates an acidic body, which is a perfect environment for fungi, bacteria, parasites, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Since many modern people eat mostly “sour”, i.e. much meat, sugar, milk and finished products, the organism is thrown off balance and over-acidified.

To return the body to a healthy balance, predominantly alkali acting foods should be eaten.

These include fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, but also the power of the Inca grain which supports an ideal acid-alkaline balance in the body.

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Quinoa – Nutritional Values

The nutritional values of the power grain can be quite impressive. Compared to rice this grain, when cooked, has about 30 fewer calories – 100 grams of cooked Quinoa contains only 104 calories. Also, note that Quinoa delivers much more essential nutrients, which we will discuss in more detail later.


Quinoa seeds – Gluten Free

Quiona Seeds, Salad, Whole Grain, Buy, Recipes, Nutrition - Gluten Free

The number of people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease increases rapidly. With this disease, we talk about a chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, which is primarily triggered by eating gluten-containing foods.

Unfortunately, gluten is hidden in many staple foods, for example, pasta, bakery products, meat substitutes or even in soy sauce.

Unfortunately, this intolerance is incurable, so that the person concerned has to stay free of gluten for life to avoid diarrhoea, vomiting or abdominal cramps.

That is where Quinoa comes in. Just as rice, it does not contain gluten. Buying Quinoa here: Quinoa Seeds Store.


QuinoaBenefits while losing weight

Lose Weight Loss with Quinoa Seeds

A healthy, varied and balanced diet is the basis of any well-working diet. For the pounds not to return after going off the diet, you should avoid participating in so-called crash diets.

It is paramount to have a healthy low-calorie, mainly plant containing diet.

The specially balanced blend of good nutritional value and minerals which are inherent in the ancient grain I can only support.

When regularly consumed, you’ll soon discover that you feel saturated much quicker due to the high fibre content on one hand, while, on the other side, much more energy is available to you.

Buying Quinoa here: Quinoa Seeds Store.


Quinoa – effective against fungi and parasites

Fungi, in particular, intestinal fungi occur primarily through an unhealthy, animal protein- and sugar-rich diet. The fatal result of today’s popular diet is that it is easy for fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria to take hold. Since the ancient grain of the Inca is rich in fibre and, moreover, highly alkaline, it stimulates the digestion and allows the body and intestines, to eliminate effectively harmful invaders.


Quinoa – exceptionally good bioavailability

Vitamin tablets usually contain only artificial substances, which cannot be absorbed by the body. Consequently, vitamins and minerals cannot be adequately utilized, so that the effect they promise to have, is simply not happening. The seeds of the Inca plant, however, offers a high bioavailability. In plain text, the ingredients directly can be used by the body without any difficulty.


Quinoa – blood sugar and cholesterol lowering

Quiona Seeds, Salad, Whole Grain, Buy, Recipes, Nutrition - Prevention of Diabetes

Blood lipid and blood glucose levels can be influenced positively by Quinoa. Due to its high content of magnesium and basic fibre, blood lipid levels and blood pressure can be lowered naturally.

This benefits the heart, circulation and affects the arterial function. Furthermore, this grain has a relatively low glycemic index, which means, after consumption the blood sugar level rises only slowly.

Even more important, the sugar is also slowly released, therefore, providing energy for longer. This greatly avoids the so-called “sugar-blues” which you often can witness in children.

In particular, diabetics might benefit from this because extreme blood sugar fluctuations can deliberately avoided. On the next page, you can buy Quinoa: Quinoa Seeds Store.


Quinoa – Scientific studies and figures

steadily The scientific interest in Quinoa is growing because more and more people are convinced of the effectiveness of the grain and enthusiastically cook with Quinoa on a daily base. What’s behind it? Many researchers, by means of independent studies, could prove the beneficial effect on health, satiety and well-being.

No longer is this only a theory or even worse; imagination Quinoa, therefore, makes a significant contribution to the physical and mental health, which was among others, clearly confirmed by the following studies:


  • A study by the University of Newcastle – Quinoa affects your mood: In a study in 1997 on the subject of endorphins, the British University of Newcastle was able to prove that Quinoa optimizes the body’s serotonin production.If the corn is regularly consumed, the body has all the essential components which it needs for the formation of the neurotransmitters. Existing depression, eating disorders, anxiety and metabolic disorders thus can be alleviated effectively. Potential diseases of the psyche can be counteracted in advance.


Quiona Seeds, Salad, Whole Grain, Buy, Recipes, Nutrition - Healthiness


Buying Quinoa Seeds – order online at lower prices

Here you can buy Quinoa online: Quinoa Seeds Store.

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